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"I think I’m finally able to read Nozaki-kun’s. I won’t expect anything."
(Nozaki catches Sakura off-guard)
"I can’t read him, after all!!"

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I'm going to enforce Justice.

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"Even during the investigation, there was no record of L, with his sweet tooth, having ever eaten a decent meal. Usually, he was seen eating sweet food, like candy. It seems he needed to replenish his sugar level in order for his mind to work. For him to be able to remain in good shape even after eating so many sweets was one of his abilities. Even Misa was envious of him.”

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" Mochizou, I love you…! "

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when you go to take a test you didnt study for


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Akane Tsunemori | Psycho Pass 2 PV

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